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RST & Associates: Organizational Effectiveness Consulting

Founded in 2012 by Robert S. Travis, RST & Associates: Organizational Effectiveness Consulting is a management consulting practice specializing in organization and leadership development, knowledge and change management, and coaching and facilitation. Through various techniques and methodologies, we help organizations to achieve optimum success by making the most of their greatest resource: their people. By engaging with team members and stakeholders at all levels of the organization, we unlock valuable skills, knowledge, and abilities, thereby "extracting wisdom from the shadows."


As a result of our engagements, clients, including organizations in the government, corporate, nonprofit, and education sectors, are able to better create and share knowledge, facilitate individual and organizational learning, enhance communication and collaboration, identify and achieve goals, define and solve problems, and improve overall performance.

About Bob Travis

Robert S. Travis is Founder, President, and Chief Consultant of RST & Associates: Organizational Effectiveness Consulting, a practice specializing in leadership and organization development, knowledge and change management, organizational learning, meeting facilitation, and training. As a process consultant, he has engaged with clients in the corporate, nonprofit, education, and government sectors. He is proficient in consulting with key decision makers, conducting personality and performance assessments, designing and implementing organizational improvements, managing budgets, producing deliverables, and organizing work groups to promote profitability, growth, and sustainability.


Bob’s professional experience includes leadership in the nonprofit and business sectors. While on the executive staff of the Boy Scouts of America, he established and coached community units, organized and directed district leadership teams, and developed experiential learning programs. Moving into banking, Bob managed branch operations and served as an internal consultant, where he coached several branch teams to achieve organizational and operational excellence, leading successful change initiatives as part of his strategy. He also established a Community of Practice among branch leadership for a local credit union.


Bob holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, where his coursework included independent study in group behavior, and a master’s degree in organization development and knowledge management from George Mason University, where he facilitates graduate courses in group dynamics.


He currently serves on the board of the Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network.

Robert S. Travis: Founder, President, and Chief Consultant
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